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Hosted Voice from Flower Telecom

Join the hundreds of thousands of UK businesses making the switch to Voice-over-IP (VoIP) by upgrading to Flower Telecom's Hosted Voice platform.

Save money

With a Hosted Voice system from Flower Telecom, you'll receive guaranteed savings against a traditional phone system.

Easy to set up and use

Our system couldn't be easier to set up, with all of the provisioning done before the handsets leave our offices. All you need to do is plug in and go!


Whether you need one phone or one hundred, with Flower Telecom's Hosted Voice solution you are free to add phones as you please, making it the perfect fit for business of all sizes.

Manage your costs

A Hosted Voice system can help you manage your telecom spend. You'll no longer need to fork out thousands every few years for a new phone system - hardware is included in your monthly bill!

Work smarter

It's easy to work from any location with Flower Telecom's telecom solution. Whether it's home-workers or multiple offices, we can put together the perfect plan for you.

Disaster Recovery

If the worst were to happen, you can re-route all of your incoming calls at the touch of the button.

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