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Virtual Landline Phone Numbers

Get a business presence in another city by using one or more of our virtual landlines

What are Virtual Numbers?

Virtual telephone numbers, otherwise known as local number, ghost numbers or virtual landline numbers, have a wide range of benefits that can improve first impressions and reputation of your company with ease.

When a customer calls your virtual phone number, their call can be diverted to a landline number or mobile, giving your business a local presence in the city of your choice.

By having a virtual landline it gives the impression to your customers that you have an office in their locality, or even multiple offices nationwide. This can build customer trust and enhance reputability without the costs of opening up new office locations.

We can even let you know which virtual office they are calling when you answer the phone. Enjoy all these call solutions when you subscribe to our bundles.

  • Appear as a local business – By using one of our virtual landline numbers, you can make it look like you're based in another geographic area. This is useful if you want to position yourself as a local business.
  • Save money on landline line rental – If you buy one of our virtual numbers, you can save on the cost of having another landline number installed at your home or office. This can save you up to £300 per year!
  • You don't need to open another office – By choosing multiple local landlines, you can look like you have offices based in different locations across your region, without shelling out on opening up a premises.
  • Answer calls at home, the office, or on the move – With a virtual number, you can choose to divert calls through to any other phone number wherever you are. So you'll always be able to take a new enquiry wherever you are.
  • Costs exactly the same to call – A virtual number is absolutely no different to the caller than a traditional fixed landline. So you're free to reap all of the benefits!
  • Inbound call statistics – Automatically keep detailed records of who has called your company, and how long it takes you or your team to answer. Respond to missed calls instantly!
  • Call Statistics platform – Monitor the performance of your virtual numbers, including data on how many calls or minutes that have been made in real time with in-depth reporting.
  • Instant Call Re-Routing – Change the number that your virtual landline routes to instantly, via your online control panel.
  • Time of Day Routing – Have your virtual phone number route to different numbers at different time of the day. Very handy for those who have different out of hours customer service line.
  • Missed Call Alerts – Receive notifications when a call is missed or received an engaged tone. Prevents your company from missing business opportunities.
  • Voicemail to Email – Have all your voicemails delivered directly to your email.
  • Route to mobile – Have your virtual landline number routed to your mobile when you're out of the office.
  • Call Whisper – If you have one or more of our virtual numbers diverted to your mobile or your landline, you can set up a call whisper to inform you of which number you are receiving the call on. This is useful for those who have multiple businesses or services. You'll be prepared before you're connected to the customer!
  • Call Recording – There is no need to install expensive equipment! Flower Telecom can record 30 days worth of calls and make them available in mp3 format from our statistics platform. Useful for training purposes and making sure you don't have to make conference notes!
  • Interactive Menu – Also known as an IVR, a virtual switchboard or auto-attendant. Give your business a professional look while directing your customers to the correct member of staff, increasing productivity and efficiency – a must have feature! Typically sounds like "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Accounts" etc.
  • Play Audio – Record a personal greeting for your customers, or have us or one of our recording partners do it for you.
  • Call Queue – Prevents companies from losing customers when lines become engaged. Have them wait in a queue until one of your operators are available.
  • Call Barring – Save your company money and precious working time by preventing nuisance callers from getting through.
  • Mid-Call Transfer – Simply press the hash key to transfer a caller between departments, or to any other external landline or mobile.
  • Multiple Targets – Point your virtual landline number to up to 7 targets. The first person to pick up the phone will receive the call.
  • Bank Holiday Routing – Prepare your Bank Holiday opening hours in advance by using our advanced Special Days feature.
  • Multiple Time Zones – A superior version of time of day routing for those that need to fine-tune their call routing options.

Why Us?

numbers vodafone net one net business landline

Flower Telecom gives your business access to over 400 local area city codes in the UK and numbers in over 50 countries worldwide, making us a one stop shop for your inbound call solutions.

If that wasn’t enough, we use the latest in telecoms technology to provide you with free and premium features that not only enhance your inbound call solution, but increase productivity of your workforce making sure all of your calls get to the right place.

  • Monthly rental starts from as low as £10 per month for a single number.
  • We offer bulk discounts on multiple virtual landline numbers.
  • Divert to landline and mobile is included depending on package.
  • You can view real-time call statistics in the Flower Telecom web-portal.
  • Monthly itemised billing, letting you know which locations are working.
  • We always bill per second, ensuring you get maximum value for money.
  • No hidden costs - you only pay for what you sign up for.
  • Instant activation - get your virtual landline set up today!
  • Manage your number using our online self-service portal.
  • Choose one of our standard numbers or opt for a memorable local landline number.
Package One
per month

500minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


250minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Package Two
per month

1000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


500minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Package Three
per month

2000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


750minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Virtual Number Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a virtual landline number?

You can buy yourself a virtual landline number from the Flower Telecom website by simply selecting an area code from the search bar at the top of the page. Then choose your number and away you go!

Do you offer a bulk discount on virtual phone numbers?

Yes we do. Please call us for more information on purchasing virtual landline numbers in bulk.

How long does it take to set up a virtual landline?
Setting up a virtual landling number is extremely quick and easy. Your number is ready to be set up as soon as you have completed checkout.
Can I use my existing BT telephone number?

Absolutely! You are able to port your existing BT landline number to us and make it a virtual landline number. Please give us a call for more information on how to do this.

Can I use a virtual landline as a fax number?

Yes you can! Please call us for more information on how to set this up.

Can you set up a virtual call menu for me?

We're always on hand to show you how to use our self-service Flower Telecom portal. You're able to set up an Interactive Call Menu, Call Whisper and much more!