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Become a Partner / Sharehold of Flower Telcom LTD (UK)

We are pleased to announce that Flower Telecom is looking for a partner who can help grow the company. We are NOT looking for service providers, we are looking for a long term business partner who will receive a 20-25% shareholding in our company. There is a certain criteria partners must meet in order for us to take them into consideration. Flower Telecom LTD currently has £16,000 in the bank that can be used for Ad spend and link building.  It currently has 8 paying customers and has NO debt. VOIP products are growing and will soon be the main business telecom product in the UK. Now is the ideal time to secure a share in the market.

What is the earning potential?

Currently some of our competitors are earning anywehre from 50,000 - 1,000,000 per month. Flower telecom is ranking quite well in the search engines and we are yet to push some of our VOIP poroducts as we are just about to bring them to the market. Customers sign a 3 year contract and pay a monthly subscription fee.

Partnership criteria:

  • Can be Individual or company / agency
  • Can be based in the UK or overseas (preferably English speaking country)
  • MUST have SEO expertise including on-site SEO and latest link building best practices
  • MUST have PPC expertise including Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads and Remarketing Ads.
  • MUST be familiar with landing page design and conversion rate optimisation
  • MUST have experience with analytics

To Apply please email a proposal to [email protected] and why you would make a good business partner / shareholder of Flower Telecom LTD.