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International toll free numbers allow callers to make international calls to other countries, as if they were calling each country's version of a free 0800 number making this the most cost effective way to do business abroad. We offer numbers for over 100 countries meaning you can expand your business and grow your international client base effortlessly, leading to a boost in sales and enquiries. 

  • Attract customers from different countries – Begin establishing your international presence as a company.
  • Huge selection of countries – Choose a number from almost any country, making it easy for you to appeal to local markets worldwide.
  • Don't be judged by your location – Make potential customers think you are a multi-national organisation by having virtual offices all over the country.
  • Free calls, no matter which country they are in – Offering a freephone number to your UK customers is a great way to show them you care. Do the same for your international clients with a freephone number local to them.
  • Divert calls to any number – Answer the phone anywhere in the world. Don't be tied down by your physical location.
  • Call statistics – Monitor how many calls each of your international toll-free numbers is generating using our online call statistics platform.
  • Instant Call Re-routing – Immediately route calls through to any other landline or mobile number, ensuring you never miss a call.
  • Opening Hours – Choose where you receive calls based on the time of day. Perfect if you're working over multiple timezones.
  • Missed Call Alert – Receive a notification when you miss a call, so you can call potential customers back quickly and easily.
  • Voicemail to Email – Don’t worry about missing important messages as all of your voicemails will be emailed automatically to you.
  • Pick up calls on your mobile – Whether you are commuting, at the gym or simply out of the office, you can easily divert calls from your international clients to your mobile.
  • Call Whisper – This feature will tell you which of your Flower Telecom numbers is being called as soon as you answer the phone.
  • Call Recording – Listen to your calls back on the Flower Telecom portal. Calls are recorded for 30 days.
  • Interactive Menu – A virtual switchboard or call menu lets callers easily get through to the person that is able to help them best.
  • Play Audio – A professional pre-recorded greeting shows your customers you care and gives a good first impression.
  • Call Queuing – Let your callers wait on hold rather than just play them an engaged tone, using our cloud call queue feature.
  • Call Barring – Block nuisance callers instantly or send them straight to voicemail.
  • Mid-Call Transfer – You can transfer calls internally, or even between countries just by pressing the hash key.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Targets – Point your calls to up to 7 different targets to increase your chances of being able to answer.
  • Multiple Time Zones – This feature allows you to set time and day routing, according to the time zone of your international toll free number.
  • Low-cost monthly line rental – Offer your customers an international toll-free number for less than you might think.
  • No connection fee – Numbers are available from lots of countries with zero setup fee.
  • No multi-year contracts – You are not required to sign a lengthy contract when you sign up to use our international toll-free service.
  • Itemised billing – Keep track of which of your numbers is receiving calls by looking at our itemised billing and call statistics service.
  • Dedicated customer service – Flower Telecom prides ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction. If you can't figure out how to do something, or need something explained, don't hesitate to give our dedicated team a call.
  • No hidden charges – We bill you per second, rather than per minute, and you will never be charged for anything other than what you agree to when you sign up.

Our Top 10 Countries

  • United States
  • Canada
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Spain
  • Russia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use an International toll free number?

Aside from having the opportunity to further expand your international business reach, International toll free numbers make it easy for your customers in different countries to call you without having to spend a fortune on the call. 

Who can sign up to have an International toll free number?

Absolutely anyone can sign up to have this type of number, but it is most popular amongst businesses. 

Can I have an American number even if I am in the UK?

Yes, you can have an International toll free number in any of the countries that we offer, no matter if you are based in the UK. 

How much does it cost someone to call an International toll free number?

It is free of charge- similar to calling each country's equivalent of an 0800 number.