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0333 Numbers - Virtual Business Number

Businesses all over the UK use 0333 number to give themselves a nationwide presence, allowing them to trade all over the UK. Using a 0333 number will hide your location, removing any ties you have to a particular area.

0333 numbers cost the same to call as a local landline number, and will come out of any inclusive minutes that your caller has, meaning it's one of the most cost-effective ways for your customers to reach you - even when calling from a mobile.

  • Build trust – 0333 numbers are a proven way to establish yourself as a trustworthy business, enhancing your credibility. They are used by some of the UK's biggest businesses and organisations.
  • Low cost to tall – The call won't cost your caller a penny if they have inclusive minutes on their landline or mobile. If they don't, it's simply the same rate as a standard local call.
  • Trade nationwide – Replacing your local number with a national 0333 number tells your customers that you trade across multiple areas, or even the whole of the UK!
  • Handle more calls – You can add any of our call handling features onto your memorable 0333 number. A personalised greeting message will make you sound more professional. Or add a queue so that you can manage more calls at once.
  • Instant Call Re-routing – Change where your calls get routed through to using our free online control panel, 24 hours a day. Instantly receive calls at another office or on your mobile.
  • Opening Hours – Decide where and when you receive calls using our included opening hours feature. Automatically send calls after a certain time to your mobile, or even to a voicemail.
  • Missed Call Alert – Make missed opportunities a thing of the past by receiving an email notification when you can't answer the phone. This includes the caller's number, ready for you to call back.
  • Call Statistics – Track your calls in realtime using our free online call stats. See whether your marketing campaigns are working, or if you're missing too many calls.
  • Voicemail to Email – Set up a virtual voicemail to capture missed calls, and have the message emailed to you and up to two others.
  • Call Whisper – Receive a notification before you answer the call to let you know which number or service has been called. Helpful if you have more than one business, or if you're running multiple marketing campaigns.
  • Play Audio – Personalise a greeting message for your customers to thank them for calling. Pre-record some important information to save your staff time answering common queries. Record yourself or have one of our team do it!
  • Interactive Menu – Add a menu to your number and make your company seem bigger by diverting calls to different departments. Answer calls more efficiently by distributing high call volumes.
  • Hunt Groups – Eliminate missed calls! If a call can't be answered, instantly divert the call to another member of your team. Keep going until the call gets answered.
  • Call Queue – If you're experiencing high call volume, you can invite your callers to hold whilst you are busy. Play hold music and custom marketing messages whilst they wait!
  • Call Barring – Plagued with nuisance or cold calls? Simply add the number to your block-list and instantly divert these calls to voicemail or a busy message.
  • Call Recording – Forget the finer points of a conversation? Want to monitor your calls for training purposes? Activate call recording and never have to take another note again. Calls are stored on the free online portal for 30 days.
  • Low Cost Monthly Line Rental – Monthly line rental for an 0333 number starts from just £10 per month.
  • No Up-Front Cost – Pay no connection fee on most of our 0333 numbers.
  • No Long-Term Contracts – Tying yourself down to two or three year contracts is a thing of the past.
  • Live Call Statistics – Track your usage with our industry-leading call statistics portal.
  • No Hidden Costs – Transparent pricing for every customer.
  • Instant Activation – Purchases made through our website are usually active within a matter of minutes.
Package One
per month

1000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 2ppm


250minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 2ppm

Package Two
per month

2500minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 2ppm


500minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 2ppm

Package Three
per month

5000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 2ppm


750minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 2ppm

Select Your 0333 Numbers for Your Virtual Business Number

Silver numbers have a one-off connection fee of £5.

Gold numbers have a one-off connection fee of £10.

Virtual 0333 Number - FAQ

How can I get 0333 numbers?
Customers can get an 0333 number by selecting their favourite number from the Flower Telecom website. Once you've picked the perfect number, complete the checkout process and we will make sure that your number is live in a matter of minutes.
What are virtual 0333 numbers?

Virtual 0333 numbers are 'non-geographic', which means they don't tie you to a particular location. This makes your company look much bigger, more professional, and allows you to reach a much larger customer base.

0333 numbers can be set up to divert calls through to your existing landline number, or even your mobile. This means they can used by any business across the UK!

Who can call my 0333 numbers?

Anyone can call your 0333 numbers, and it won't cost them a penny if they have inclusive minutes on their landline or mobile package. If they don't have a call bundle, your customer will pay no more than a standard call to an 01 or an 02 number, even if they are calling from a mobile. This makes it the perfect number to use for your business!

When will my 0333 number be activated?
If you purchase 0333 numbers through the Flower Telecom website, then your number will usually be activated within a couple of minutes. Keep an eye on your email for instructions on how to set your number up!
Why should I use an 0333 number instead of a local number?
Using an 0333 number hides your location and makes you look like a bigger UK business. Not only can this be used to trade nationally, but you can also trade across a number of different counties in your local area without tying yourself to a particular town or city. Not only does an 0333 number make you look more professional, but you will also be able to track all of your incoming calls using the free statistics available on our online control panel. You can see how effective your marketing campaigns have been, as well as busy periods and missed calls.