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0330 Numbers

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to remember telephone number from your business then look no further than 0330 numbers. 0330 numbers are virtual non-geographic landline or telephone numbers that provide your customers with a cost effective way of contacting you. All numbers beginning with 03 are charged at the same rate as 01 and 02 numbers, which in turn puts your callers mind at ease, as they know you are not making money from their calls.

Inclusive Calls to UK Landline

Calls to 0330 numbers are also included in several inclusive minutes bundles from various reputable mobile phone providers, meaning that it is now easier than ever for potential prospects to call you. If you want to rapidly expand your business and create a reputation based on trust and credibility, virtual landline starting with 0330 numbers are the solution for you.

  • Build Trust– Several reputable businesses use a virtual 0330 number, therefore people tend to trust new, previously unheard of businesses, providing they are using a 0330 number.
  • Cheap- Your customers will call you more often due to the fact they can call your virtual 0330 numbers either for free, or at the standard cost of calling a UK landline.
  • Obtain More Credibility- Virtual numbers makes your business appear established and professional.
  • More Customers- A memorable 0330 number will help increase your revenue due to an increased amount in customer enquiries from using a memorable number as your primary point of contact for your company.

Flower Telecom's 0330 Numbers

  • Low Cost Monthly Line Rental- Monthly line rental packages starting from 4.99
  • Cheap Set-Up Fee – It costs just 4.99 to set up and activate your virtual number.
  • No ContractsNo contracts means you can enjoy more flexibility.
  • Itemized Bills See what your peak periods are and manage your usage.
  • No Hidden Costs There are no hidden call costs or extra fees to pay.
  • Same Day Activation Same day activation is applicable to purchases made before 5pm.
  • Outstanding Call Quality –  Internet free calling allows us to guarantee superior call quality.

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Select Your Virtual Company Landline Starting at 0330 Numbers

0330 Number - Call Management Features

  • Call Statistics- See how your 0330 numbers are performing in real time via the control panel on our website.
  • Instant Call Re-routing- Point your calls to the most convenient number automatically.
  • Time Of Day Call Routing- Select different numbers to point your calls to, for different times of day (you can choose up to 7 landlines or mobiles)
  • Voicemail To Email- Business is made easier by being able to access your voicemails from your email inbox. Each time you receive a voicemail we will send it over to you attached to an email.
  • Divert Calls To Your Mobile- There is no extra charge to point incoming calls to your mobile.
  • Voice Whisper- Discover which service or business someone is calling about before you speak to them, by using our voice whisper feature. This is applicable to customers who have more than one 0330 number.   
  • Call Recording- Recorded calls are available for download in MP3 format for up to 30 days.   
  • Virtual Switchboard- Make life easier for your customers, by giving them a call menu of options to select from, depending on what their call is regarding.  
  • Personalized Greeting- Start your business relationships off right by greeting callers with a personalized message.  
  • Call Queuing- During busy periods, it is likely that your number will be engaged. Instead of relying on people calling back, place them in a virtual call queue until you are free to take their call.    
  • Call Barring- Block nuisance callers instantly.      
  • Mid Call Transfer-Pressing the hash key allows you to transfer calls both internally and externally.  
  • Missed Call Alert- Receive alerts for all of the calls that you miss.  
  • Multiple Simultaneous Targets- Select up to 7 targets to redirect calls to, maximising your chances of someone answering the call.     

Frequently Asked Questions

What are 0330 business numbers?

0330 numbers allow you reach a bigger audience by remaining non-geographic, so no one will know where you are based, unless you want them to.  

Who can call my 0330 number?

Everyone can call 0330 numbers from anywhere around the world.  

When will my 0330 number be activated?

We can activate your number the same day, if you place your order during the week before 5pm.    

Why should I use an 0330 number Instead of a normal number?

An 0330 number will classify your business as one that is trustworthy and legitimate.