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Using an Oxford 01865 number on your local advertising can help open the doors for your business in Oxfordshire. With a large population and a thriving university scene, Oxford is known for its innovations and high level of education. Home to the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford has businesses across all sectors. These include the car industry, publishing, education and a growing number of technology companies.

Take advantage of the wide range of consumers in the area by looking like a local business.

If you choose to use an 01865 number, you can make it look like you are based or have an office in the Oxford area. This can save you on the costly expense of opening an office in the area. You can simply divert all of your incoming calls through to your landline or mobile number.

  • Increase your sales and enquiries by using a virtual 01865 number for the Oxford area.
  • Expand into an entirely new area by marketing a local telephone number to capture local customers.
  • Oxford is a well-educated established centre of business. Extend your business reach into the affluent area.
  • A virtual number costs the same to call as any other telephone number that starts 01, 02 or 03. Calls will come out of your customers' monthly allowances.
  • You can answer all of your incoming calls on your mobile or existing landline number.
  • You don't need to physically move into Oxford to establish a presence there. Let your virtual number do the hard work for you.
01865 Area Code Oxford - Information
Area code: 01865
Geographic Location: Oxford
County: Oxfordshire
Call charges: Standard landline rate
Area code needed for local calls: No
Length of local number: 6 digits
Number format: 01865 xxx xxx
International number format: +44 1865 xxx xxx
Last known code change: April 1995 (previously 0865)

All of the numbers starting with 01865 are part of the Oxford area code. Places included are:

  • Boars Hill
  • Charlton on Otmoor
  • Clifton Hampden
  • Cowley
  • Cumnor
  • Eynsham
  • Frilford Heath
  • Garsington
  • Headington
  • Kidlington
  • Longworth
  • Marcham
  • Nuneham
  • Oxford
  • Stadhampton
  • Standlake
  • Stanton St John
  • Summertown
  • Warborough
  • Wheatley
  • Standard Features Premium Features
    Live call reporting Call Whisper
    Instant call re-routing Call recording
    Opening Hours Interactive Menu
    Voicemail to Email Play Audios
    Missed Call Alert Call Blocking
    Divert to mobile Call Queue
    Mid-Call Transfer
    Hunt Groups
    Multiple Time Zones
    Bank Holiday Routing

    Why choose Flower Telecom?

    • Budget-friendly line rental
    • No set-up fee
    • No long-term contracts
    • Itemised bills
    • No hidden costs
    • Instant activation
    • Outstanding call quality
    Package One
    per month

    500minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


    250minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

    Package Two
    per month

    1000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


    500minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

    Package Three
    per month

    2000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


    750minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

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    Silver numbers have a one-off connection fee of £5.

    Gold numbers have a one-off connection fee of £10.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I get an 01865 number for my business?

    By using our virtual landline service, you will be able to set up an 01865 number for your business that diverts all calls through to either your landline or mobile. Choose your favourite number from the list above and we'll have the number up and running in just minutes.

    Do I have to pay for a new landline to be installed by BT?

    Thankfully not! As all of our numbers are virtual, there is no need for any sort of physical line to be installed. You don't need to wait for BT to come round – we'll have your number up and running the same day!

    If I don't live in Oxford – how can I get an Oxford number?

    You don't need to have lived in Oxford to get yourself an 01865 number. We can simply divert all calls through to your existing landline number or mobile.

    How long can I keep my 01865 number?

    You are able to keep using the 01865 number for as long as you like. It's safe to print this number on advertising and on business cards to help you penetrate the local Oxford area.