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Virtual 0161 Phone Number - Manchester, UK

Having an 0161 Manchester phone number for your business is going to allow you to break into a large city's market. If you are located in the suburbs of Manchester, or you sell a product or service which is popular there then an 0161 phone number will allow you appear as though you are located in the centre of the city.

A virtual phone number will give your customers the impression that you are located in Manchester, when actually you might be based 30 minutes outside the city. Associating a Manchester phone number with your business establishes your company as being reputable and professional, as many people are reluctant to purchase services or products outside their local area.

A 0161 phone number also opens your business up to a wider market of potential customers for you to target with local advertising. There are still many people who are reluctant to buy from businesses who don’t have an actual office, and with a Manchester virtual phone number you can work from home and divert incoming calls to a mobile or landline without the worry of a friend or family member answering the phone if you are a home based entrepreneur or small business owner.

  • Build trust with new customers even if you don’t have an office.
  • Take advantage of local advertising and offer customers a phone number from the centre of the city.
  • Keep a close eye on your call statistics so you can monitor which advertisements are bringing in the most leads.
  • Calls are included in bundled minutes from both landline and mobile, same as every other 0161 phone number!
  • Instant activation available on all of our 0161 Manchester phone number.
  • Save on the cost of setting up an office in Manchester. Get yourself a number no matter where you are based.
  • The phone number will follow you wherever you go. Answer calls in Altrincham or in the Algarve!
0161 Area Code Manchester - Information
Area code: 0161
Geographic Location: Manchester
County: Greater Manchester
Call charges: Standard landline rate
Area code needed for local calls: No
Length of local number: 7 digits
Number format: 0161 xxx xxxx
International number format: +44 161 xxx xxxx
Last known code change: April 1995 (previously 061)

All of the numbers starting with 0161 are part of the Manchester area code. Including 01612 numbers, 01613 numbers, 01614 numbers, 01616 numbers, 01617 numbers, 01618 numbers, 01619 numbers and all other numbers that start with the numbers 0161, no matter how the number is displayed or what the following numbers are.

  • Altrincham
  • Ardwick
  • Ashton under Lyne
  • Blackfriars
  • Bramhall
  • Broughton
  • Bury
  • Cheetham Hill
  • Chorlton cum Hardy
  • Collyhurst
  • Denton
  • Didsbury
  • Droylsden
  • Dukinfield
  • Eccles
  • Failsworth
  • Gatley
  • Heaton Moor
  • Hulme Hall
  • Hyde
  • Irlam
  • Longford
  • Manchester
  • Marple
  • Middleton
  • Moss Side
  • Oldham
  • Partington
  • Pendleton
  • Prestwich
  • Radcliffe
  • Ringway
  • Rusholme
  • Sale
  • Stalybridge
  • Stepping Hill
  • Stockport
  • Stretford
  • Swinton
  • Trafford
  • Urmston
  • Walkden
  • Whitefield
  • Woodley
  • Wythenshawe


  • Call Statistics – Use real time call statistics to your advantage, so you can focus your marketing efforts on what's working well and review what needs improvement.
  • Instant call re-routing – This standard feature allows you to divert incoming calls to your 0161 number through to your mobile or another landline.
  • Opening Hours – Create a schedule of where you want your calls to point to depending on the time of day. You can easily make adjustments in the control panel to suit your working hours.
  • Voicemail to Email – All voicemails are immediately sent to your email, meaning you can listen to them on the go.
  • Missed Call Alert – This feature is useful for those who spend a lot of time in meetings or out of the office, as you can instantly find out which calls you have missed.
  • Divert calls to your mobile – Don't waste time waiting around for important calls. Simply divert all incoming calls to your mobile.
  • Call Whisper – This feature is advantageous for businesses operating more than one virtual phone number for different services, as the voice prompt will announce which 0161 phone number the call is routing from before you pick up.
  • Call Recording – We can record and store calls for up to 30 days, meaning you can easily download them from our website for training or monitoring purposes.
  • Interactive Menu – Offer your callers an easy ride by letting them select which department they would like to speak to.
  • Personalised Greeting – A personalised greeting gives a good first impression, as well as confirming that callers have phoned the right company.
  • Call Queuing – Stop missing out on business opportunities and sales due to your lines being busy. Callers will be put on hold in a queue until an agent becomes available to speak to them.
  • Call Barring – Permanently block nuisance callers from being able to phone your 0161 phone number by using the call barring feature.
  • Mid Call Transfer – Easily transfer calls between internal departments and externally to mobiles or landlines by pressing the hash key.
  • Multiple Simultaneous Targets – You can point calls to up to 7 different targets, to maximise your chances of someone answering.
  • Multiple Time Zones – An enhanced version of Opening Hours, specifically designed for businesses working across multiple time zones with international clients. Set up routing for different times across various time zones.
  • Budget-friendly line rental - Packages tailored to suit you.
  • No set-up fee - Memorable numbers available with no connection fee.
  • No long-term contracts – With a minimum term of only 12 months, you're not locking yourself in for life by buying one of our numbers.
  • Itemised bills – Control your spending and see where your company money is being spent with monthly bills.
  • No hidden costs – You will never be asked to pay for something you didn’t agree to.
  • Instant activation – Start using your Manchester phone number immediately with our super fast set up!
  • Outstanding call quality – Working with only the best carriers allows us to ensure excellent call quality to all of our customers.
Package One
per month

500minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


250minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Package Two
per month

1000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


500minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Package Three
per month

2000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


750minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm


Silver numbers have a one-off connection fee of £5.

Gold numbers have a one-off connection fee of £10.

Virtual Landlines in the Manchester Area

  • Bolton (01204)
  • Wigan (01942)
  • Rochdale (01706)
  • Warrington (01925)
  • Macclesfield (01625)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase an 0161 Manchester number?

To get your business a presence in Manchester, you can buy an 0161 number directly from the Flower Telecom website. Just select a number for the list above and choose your call plan. That's it!

Do I need to have a new landline put in to my property to get an 0161 number?

No. As our 0161 numbers are virtual, you can simply point incoming calls to your existing landline number or mobile. 

I live outside Manchester – am I still allowed to use an 0161 number?

Yes. You can still have an 0161 number even if you live in another part of the country or abroad.   

How long can I keep my 0161 virtual number?

You have the option to keep your 0161 number for as long as you like. 

Do you have any 0161 number that are easy to remember?

Yes. You can select the number of your choice before you purchase it out of the hundreds of 0161 numbers we have available for sale