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A local Bournemouth virtual number will allow your business to infiltrate the local market, no matter which industry you are in and take advantage of business opportunities from thousands of customers who prefer to buy from local businesses. Operating an 01202 number gives you the flexibility to choose where you work from, without having to be located in Bournemouth. You can program all of your incoming calls to divert to your existing telephone number, whilst still giving callers the impression you are based in Bournemouth or surrounding areas. 

  • Bournemouth is home to a thriving local economy and there are countless opportunities for new business in the area.  
  • Your calls and enquiries will increase as a result of local advertising. 
  • Our website is specifically designed to allow clients to monitor call performance in realtime.  
  • A local landline number always gives a better impression than just a mobile number and callers will be charged at local rates.  
  • No office or relocation required to have an 01202 virtual number.       
01202 Area Code Bournemouth - Information
Area code:01202
Geographic Location:Bournemouth
Call charges:Standard landline rate
Area code needed for local calls:No
Length of local number:6 digits
Number format:01202 xxx xxx
International number format:+44 1202 xxx xxx
Last known code change:

April 1995 (previously 0202)


The 01202 area code is used to dial Bournemouth numbers, as well as those in the surrounding area.        

The following locations use the 01202 area code:            

  • Boscombe 
  • Bournemouth 
  • Broadstone 
  • Canford Cliffs 
  • Christchurch 
  • Ferndown 
  • Lytchett Minster 
  • Northbourne 
  • Parkstone 
  • Poole 
  • Southbourne 
  • Verwood 
  • Westbourne 
  • Wimborne Minster 
  • Winton
  • Call statistics –  The control panel lets you view the latest call statistics right away.
  • Instant call re-routing –  Divert calls to the number of your choice, and change at any time.
  • Opening Hours – Create and adjust call diverts for different times of day. Send calls to voicemail or mobile when the office is closed.
  • Voicemail  to  Email –  There is no need to worry about remembering to manually retrieve voicemails with them sent directly to your inbox.
  • Missed Call Alert – See who has tried to contact you in your absence. Get an instant email alert.
  • Divert calls to your mobile Remote workers can benefit from having incoming calls diverted to their mobile.
  • Call Whisper –  An audio prompt will alert you which number a call is coming from, if you have more than one virtual landline number.
  • Call Recording – You can download recorded calls from the Flower Telecom portal in MP3 format.
  • Interactive Menu – A call menu of options to select from helps to put customers through to the right person every time.
  • Personalised Greeting –  A personalised greeting lets callers know they have contacted the correct business.
  • Call Queuing –  Call queuing helps to reduce the number of dropped calls whilst your 01202 number is engaged.
  • Call Barring – Select which numbers or number ranges you would like to block.
  • Mid Call Transfer –  Customers need not wait longer than necessary to reach the right department as you can efficiently transfer calls by pressing the hash key.
  • Multiple/Simultaneous Targets –  Point calls to up to 7 targets. Calls connect to whoever answers first.
  • Multiple Time Zones – Customers in different time zones can still easily reach you if you set up time of day pointing for several time zones.
  • Budget-friendly line rental – Save on the cost of a fixed landline by getting a virtual number.
  • Flexible contract terms – With just a 12 month agreement as standard, you're free to experiment with different numbers.
  • Itemised bills – Know exactly what you're spending on which services with our monthly itemised bills.
  • No hidden charges – There are no hidden costs. Simply pay for what you signed up for.
  • Instant activation – Set up a presence in Bournemouth right away with our quick activation.
Package One
per month

500minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


250minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Package Two
per month

1000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


500minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Package Three
per month

2000minutes diverted to landlineexcess minutes 3ppm


750minutes diverted to landline or mobileexcess minutes 3ppm

Select Your Number

Silver numbers have a one-off connection fee of £5.

Gold numbers have a one-off connection fee of £10.

Virtual Landlines in the Bournemouth Area

  • Wareham (01929)
  • Ringwood (01425)
  • Lymington (01590)
  • Blandford Forum (01258)
  • Southampton (02381)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a Bournemouth 01202 number?
It's easy with Flower Telecom. Just select your favourite 01202 number from the list of numbers above and add on your call package.
Do I have to install a new landline to have an 01202 number?

No, your virtual 01202 number diverts to any other number that you like. This can be a mobile number or an existing landline.

I don’t live in Bournemouth – can I still have an 01202 number?

Yes, you can even relocate abroad and still appear to be located in Bournemouth 

How long will my 01202 number take to activate?

Your 01202 number will be active immediately after you've completed the checkout process, and available for you to set up.

Can I choose a memorable 01202 number?

Absolutely – just select from the range of available numbers above.