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Conference Call service

Dial in or dedicated conference call service to suite your business needs

 Dial in conference call number : 08448 500 600

(5.8p/min from a landline +VAT and your phone company's access charge)

1 - Request a pin

2 -  Share the pin and 08448 500 600 with your colleagues

3 - Use the conference call service number as and when you wish 24/7 - 365

conference call service

Select Between our Dial-in or dedicated conference service lines

It couldn't be easier to get set up with your first conference call with Flower Telecom.

If you would like to use our dial in conference service please request a pin using the form above. Then share the conference number  and the pin with your colleagues: 08448 500 600 (calls cost 5.8p/min + VAT and your phone companies access charge). You are then able to use this conference service 7 days per week 365 days per year!

If you would like a branded conference call service, please purchase your conference number from any of our available numbers  below, and a helpful member of our team will assist you in the branding of your conference call service. Features include branded call menu and intro messages and conference call recording.

per month

300 minutes included

Dedicated 03 dial-in number

Only 2p extra usage

Small Business
per month

1,000 minutes included

Dedicated 03 dial-in number

Only 2p extra usage

per month

6,000 minutes included

Dedicated 03 dial-in number

Only 2p extra usage

per month

10,000 minutes included

Dedicated 03 dial-in number

Only 2p extra usage

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Meetings on-the-fly

Host or join meetings wherever you are. No special hardware needed, just access to a telephone.

Branded conferencing

Make it your own with personalisation options. "Welcome to Your Company Name's conference service..."

Record your conferences

No need to have anyone scribble down notes. Always have a record of your meetings by recording all of your conference calls.

Simultaneous calls

No more queueing for the meeting room! With no limit on the number of conferences happening at once, you can get more done in less time.

Dedicated rooms

Set up spaces for different departments. Give marketing their own conference room, with a separate space for management.

24/7 online management

With our online management portal, you can add rooms or remove them as needed. You can also check your call statistics to check attendance or download recordings.

Select Your Number

Silver numbers have a one-off connection fee of £5.

Gold numbers have a one-off connection fee of £10.

Why Use Conference Calling?

It's the 21st century, and with the advent of modern technology, it makes no sense to travel miles to a meeting when you can jump on a quick conference call with your colleagues.

Whether it's the occasional get-together or a twice-monthly meeting, let Flower Telecom take care of the venue with our instant conferencing service.

With zero set-up time and crystal clear audio quality, you can be at a meeting without leaving your desk. Or use your mobile phone to stay connected if you need to meet on the move.

Choose between our free offering, which offers unlimited talk time, or upgrade to our Premium service which offers a dedicated conference number, with your own company branding.

Take your company conference calls to the next level with this hassle-free service from Flower Telecom. Our conference rooms are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so look no further if you need a spontaneous pick-me-up with your team.

In addition to our standard conference modes, you can also opt to go for a 'broadcast' service. This is where you can call in as normal, but only the host is permitted to speak. This is especially useful for when you have a larger conference, and need to make sure that your voice gets heard.

There's also the option to only begin the conference when the host arrives. No more awkward small talk.

You can have up to 100 'rooms' set up on your conference, which means that your sales team can have their own Monday morning catch up call, whilst marketing can use their dedicated conference room to refine their strategy, all at the same time.

You don't pay 'per caller' like you do with other conference services. There are no seat license fees here. Anyone that needs to join the call can just dial in, up to a maximum of 30 users per call.

With Flower Telecom, you also get the option to record each of your conference calls. This means that instead of having some dedicated to deciphering your speech in real-time, you can download the audio recording of the meeting and just play it back. Useful if you need to store the evidence of a call without employing anyone extra!

We also offer a range of international dial-in numbers, if you need a conference call on a grander scale. Simply give our friendly team a call, and they will be able to let you know whether your country is one of the 147 countries that we provide numbers for.

Using our international numbers, your colleagues abroad will only ever have to pay their local rate to join the conference. Using Flower's conferencing, you can keep costs under control whilst keeping the team in contact. We can also offer international toll-free numbers - just get in touch to see what we can offer.

With monthly billing options available, as well as per second billing, find out how Flower Telecom's conference service can help your business today!