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Whether you're running a special offer, or you simply want to promote your website or new social media account, then the Play Audio feature is the perfect way to do this.

You can choose to use this feature as an introductory message. In this case, as soon as the call connects to your virtual number your callers will hear a pre-recorded message welcoming them to the company and informing them about the latest offer, or the news you wish to promote.

You can choose to either record your own message for free, or use one of our professional voice recording partners to begin each call with the best possible first impression for your business. Additionally, an audio announcement lets your callers know that they have dialled the correct number and adds a personalised touch to your customer service.

You can also choose to use the Play Audio feature at any point within your call plan. For example, you can ask customers to push '1' for your opening times, and then play a pre-recorded message listing your trading hours. This will save your staff time and give your callers what they need.