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Make your business look bigger or more professional by adding on our Interactive Menu feature. Also commonly known as a Virtual Switchboard, Auto Attendant or IVR, the call menu feature invites your callers to pick from a list of options in order to get them through to the relevant department.

This is great if you want to efficiently manage your level of incoming calls. It's also great if you want your company to look bigger, as you can have up to 10 different departments on the list of options.

These options can all divert off to different target numbers, or you can opt to handle all of the calls yourself. The benefit of doing this, combined with our Whisper Audio feature, is that you'll be able to find out which option has been pressed prior to handling the call. You can choose to send all accounts queries to voicemail, but handle all the sales opportunities immediately!

Not only does this enhance your credibility as a professional, our Interactive Menu makes life much easier for them so that they can efficiently speak to someone that is able to help.

First impressions are key and by giving them a straight-forward list of interactive menu options to choose from, alongside your brand name, will give them peace of mind in choosing to deal with your company.