Service Status

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If you're dealing with a high volume of calls, let our Call Queue feature take care of the hard work by letting your customers hold the line until you're able to answer their call.

This feature is perfect for companies that only have a small number of employees handling incoming calls, or for when a certain event has caused your lines to be busier than usual.

Rather than hear an engaged tone and be unable to get through, your callers will hear a customised audio recording from your company thanking them for their call. They will then be placed in a short queue where some music will play.

You can choose between pre-recorded music genres including Classical, Eighties, Easy Listening, Pop and more.

Our Call Queue feature holds callers in the cloud, thereby taking the burden off of your phone system. You won't need any expensive equipment, or a multi-channel phone line. We'll simply hold the call until it's ready to be passed through.

You'll be able to play custom apology messages to your callers as they hold. Perfect for advertising your website, informing them of important changes, or even suggesting other ways for them to get in touch.

You can keep track of your live queue statistics online, including average wait time, number of people holding etc.

Ensure you don't miss out on sales and enquiries because of an engaged tone with our advanced Call Queue feature.