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Nuisance callers can put a strain on any business. That's why our Call Barring feature is one of the most popular call management features you can add on to your Flower Telecom number.

Simply put together a list of full or partial numbers that you wish to block, and our intelligent call platform will take care of the rest.

You can automatically send calls from certain numbers to voicemail, or play a pre-recorded message advising them that their call cannot be connected.

Unless you are operating one of our 087 revenue sharing numbers, then it is likely you have wasted valuable time and money getting rid of nuisance callers in the form of unsolicited telemarketers or spammers.

Our service even lets you block entire ranges of numbers, meaning you never risk being bothered by nuisance callers again. You can choose to block all withheld callers, or even callers that call-out using '08' numbers.

This feature means you can keep the line free for serious callers that could result in more business for your company.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I bar nuisance callers from calling me?

You can bar numbers from calling your Flower Telecom number by putting their telephone number on your 'Call Barring' list in the Flower Telecom client area.

How many numbers can I block?

There is no limit to the amount of telephone numbers you can bar. You can choose to either block individual numbers, or whole ranges of numbers. For example, any number that starts 0870 could be blocked from calling you.

What happens to the caller?
The caller can be diverted to a specific voicemail, played to only numbers that have been barred. They can also be diverted to a custom audio announcement, if you don't wish for them to leave a voicemail.
Does the caller know they have been barred?

Unless the audio announcement or voicemail message you play to the caller tells them they have been blocked, they won't know they are on your Call Barring list.

They can, however, always call your number from another phone.