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118 numbers under review

Is the number up for 118 118? Ofcom to review premium directory services

With what seems like every passing year, the telecoms operator Ofcom announces another review into the cost of premium rate services in the UK. After ‘cleaning up’ the state of 0845 and 0871 numbers in 2015 with its ‘UK Calling’ campaign, Ofcom has now set its sights firmly on those operating ‘directory enquiry’ style services. … Read more >


How Trump Won The Election Using Telemarketing

Despite the billion plus dollars spent on TV adverts and both campaign’s giant social media operations the humble telephone still played a pivotal part in Trump’s victory. During the American election, if you were near a phone and in a swing state, you were going to get a political call. Just like if you turned … Read more >

Driverless cars the future

I’ve seen the future – and it will blow your mind – the robots are coming

Last week I was told about the future by the most interesting man in the world. A future of driverless cars, factories without humans, countless industries lost forever, the link between a job and your self-worth severed and an explosion in arts and culture. And all of this within the next twenty years, so in … Read more >