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There are 2 types of different Virtual Numbers that we supply. The first are UK Virtual numbers (Also known as Areacall, Remote call forward, Ghost numbers and virtual landlines). These allow businesses, big and small, to have geographic numbers anywhere in the country without actually being located there. You could already have 0800 numbers and 0333 numbers, but you still might want to target the local areas or the major cities. Virtual UK numbers give you this option and provides your business the ideal opportunity to a local supplier rather than a faceless national company. From John O’Groats to Lands End, all regions are covered and the possibilities are endless. Just like other non-geographic numbers, Virtual UK Landline Numbers can be forwarded to any landline, mobile or international location and additional services such as Voicemail to email, IVR, Auto Attendant, Call Whisper and much more can also be applied.

UK Virtual landline numbers are our biggest seller as more and more companies want to appear local. Here is an example of a company that use the service. Distributor of Manchester United football memorabilia based in London wanted to have a presence in Manchester. We have provided them with a virtual 0161 number that points to their existing office in London (0207). We then added a service called "call whisper" to the line so that when they pick up the phone it says "this is a call on your Manchester Number". Rather than opening an office in Manchester they now have a virtual presence and their customers aren’t even aware that they are 150 miles away. They have taken this one stage further by employing a person with a Mancunian accent!