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Take back control of your communications

Improve your call management by taking control of Flower Telecom's innovative business telephone number and call handling solutions. Choose a memorable inbound number from our pool of over two million available numbers and see what our intelligent call routing options can do for your business.

Change potential customers' first impression of you by choosing a national business telephone number, or even appear like a local business by promoting a virtual landline number from any city across the United Kingdom or abroad.

Bring your communications into the twenty-first century by using one of Flower Telecom's innovative hosted VoIP solutions, a perfect addition to your memorable business telephone number.

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With our smart call routing features, you can make sure you never miss another business call again. Whether it's another number to try if you're busy, or a call queue to keep potential customers on the line - we've got your business covered.


We know that businesses today need to be flexible. That's why, with our ability to instantly change where you receive calls, you can make sure your customers are able to reach you wherever you are. Whether you're at home, at the office or on the road, make sure you're still connected.



With our market-leading control panel, you're able to stay in control of your telephony 24 hours a day. Need to change your opening hours? It takes less than a minute to make the change. If disaster hits, you can minimise the impact by instantly pushing all calls to your mobile.

Business Telephone Numbers

We have a wide range of business telephone numbers to suit your requirements. Some of the most popular include 0800 freephone numbers, which have been proven to increase sales enquiries, and 03 numbers which are perfect for any type of business large or small.

Give your business a presence in any city across the UK or the world by using one of our virtual local numbers. Whether it's London or Lisbon, you can look as if you've got an office in that location.

If you would like to to earn revenue on your incoming telephone calls, then an 084 or 087 number could be good for you. Get in touch to see if your business meets the requirements!

We love numbers, so here's some more...

2,000,000+ available numbers

17+ years telecoms experience

3,000,000+ calls handled per year

From the Flower Telecom blog...

Technology is changing the way we communicate on a daily basis. Follow us as we look at the latest trends in the Flower Telecom blog.

Doing bsuiness in London

The London attitude – things to look at when doing business in the capital

If you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life – or so the saying goes. Originally attributed to Samuel Johnson, it’s a quote hundreds of years old. And the same still applies today. London is one of the ‘big three’ global cities, along with New York and Tokyo, and of course, it comes with its … Read more >

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Virtual 0121 numbers

Why you should do business in Birmingham

Well since our Best Ten UK Cities To Do Business In article last week I have been inundated with comments, criticisms and snarky comments. All because I left out my hometown Birmingham. As one of the most vocal supporters of the city I give the ultimate compliment of by living in a lot of people … Read more >

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118 numbers under review

Is the number up for 118 118? Ofcom to review premium directory services

With what seems like every passing year, the telecoms operator Ofcom announces another review into the cost of premium rate services in the UK. After ‘cleaning up’ the state of 0845 and 0871 numbers in 2015 with its ‘UK Calling’ campaign, Ofcom has now set its sights firmly on those operating ‘directory enquiry’ style services. … Read more >

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Top cities in the uk to do business

The ten best cities to do business in the UK

Location, location, location – was the business mantra of the 20th Century. Success so often depended on where you decided to do business but the internet and a logistics revolution means location is less important now. However, where to do business in Brexit Britain is still important, so here are the best 10 places to … Read more >

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How Trump Won The Election Using Telemarketing

Despite the billion plus dollars spent on TV adverts and both campaign’s giant social media operations the humble telephone still played a pivotal part in Trump’s victory. During the American election, if you were near a phone and in a swing state, you were going to get a political call. Just like if you turned … Read more >

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Driverless cars the future

I’ve seen the future – and it will blow your mind – the robots are coming

Last week I was told about the future by the most interesting man in the world. A future of driverless cars, factories without humans, countless industries lost forever, the link between a job and your self-worth severed and an explosion in arts and culture. And all of this within the next twenty years, so in … Read more >

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